Twenty Years? Why?
In being flexible about his CEO tenure, Jeff Immelt and G.E. are making the right decision...
By Thomas Brown,Posted 04/15/2014
In Praise Of CEO Shareholder Letters
Too often ignored, they're a great way for CEOs to communicate with key constituencies...
By Thomas Brown,Posted 04/14/2014
At Wells Fargo, A Giant Moves On
Dave Hoyt, a superb wholesale banker, is retiring...
By Thomas Brown,Posted 04/09/2014
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The Fed's Strange Takedown of Citigroup
Bank regulation isn't supposed to work this way...
By Thomas Brown,Posted 03/28/2014
The CFPB Needs More Oversight
The agency is missing a chance to carry out its mission the right way...
By Thomas Brown,Posted 03/13/2014
No, The CFPB Doesn't Discriminate Against Its Own Employees . . .
. . . even though the "disparate impact" numbers say that it does. So why use that same bogus measure to rate the banks...
By Thomas Brown,Posted 03/06/2014
Proxy Advisors Are Still Useless
. . . and expensive, and founts of silly advice . . . ...
By Thomas Brown,Posted 02/25/2014
Washington Post: Yellen says Fed examining additional bank rules 

Fed chair says recent initiatives by the central bank andother regulators to help banks make it through periods of

Bloomberg: Lawsky Said to Subpoena Credit Suisse in Tax-Evasion Case 

New York’s top banking regulator sent a subpoena to CreditSuisse Group AG (CSGN) last week as he examines whether 

L.A. Times: Southland home prices surge but sales plummet  

Southern California home prices are surging as the springbuying season heats up, with the median price in March hitting $400,000 for thefirst

Chicago Tribune: Man keeps up with machine in CME outage 

When CME Group Inc. suffered the worst-ever trading outageon the world's most important agricultural markets last week, plunging 

Bloomberg: Money Managers Also Drive High-Speed Trading, Berman Says 

The speed and complexity of modern stock markets is partlydriven by long-term investors who have adopted strategies pioneered byhigh-frequency 

Bloomberg: Basel Spurs Big-Bank Borrowing From U.S. Home Loan Banks 

Four of the nation’s largest banks, led by JPMorgan Chase& Co. (JPM), are driving a surge in borrowing from the Federal Home LoanBank system as 

Bloomberg: RBC Says Still Weighing Alternatives for Prop-Trading Business 

Royal Bank of Canada, the country’s second-largest lender,said it’s still considering alternatives for its U.S. proprietary-tradingbusiness as 

L.A. Times: Bill seeks to ease California's affordability housing crisis 

Most Californians can't afford their rent.

The debt-ceiling debate is over for now, so the point may be moot, but this piece by Fortune writer Cyrus Sanati, “Default would be catastrophic for b...
Posted 10/17/2013 11:55 AM By Thomas Brown More>>
I already knew every single fact in this Charlie Gasparino piece on the travails of Jamie Dimon. Gasparino (still!) seems incapable of
Posted 07/25/2013 11:07 AM By Matt Stichnoth More>>
More than a third of TARP-subsidized loan modifications have defaulted, reports the program’s inspector general. So: the borrower has bled more cash t...
Posted 07/25/2013 10:59 AM By Matt Stichnoth More>>
Given what was going on with the financial system back then, if you’d told me in 2008 that in five years New York-area housing markets would be settin...
Posted 07/11/2013 2:53 PM By Matt Stichnoth More>>
Ah, that Goldman magic: “Fabulous Fab” Tourre, lately locking horns with the federal government, is enrolled in
Posted 07/10/2013 1:50 PM By Matt Stichnoth More>>
It seems like old times ($): “I think now is the perfect time to actually buy a home,” said Donald Crabb, a 50-year-old longshoreman from Fontan...
Posted 04/24/2013 11:15 AM By Matt Stichnoth More>>
“The bill is so anti-American as to have one think it was being written by
Posted 04/09/2013 3:10 PM By Matt Stichnoth More>>
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