How Coach Prime gets to the next level

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WHO IS YOUR RABBIT?: Deion Sanders tells an interesting story he learned as a kid when he snuck into the local dog track to watch the races. He says it taught him an important life lesson.

I always remember how the dogs just kept trying harder even though they would never catch that rabbit. I’m always trying to get to the next level.  And the way you get to the next level, you have to put something out in front of you. I’m not gonna catch it, but I’m gonna go get it. I’m gonna always try to attain it and go get it. And everyone has to have a rabbit. . . And to chase it.

I agree. People should have rabbits and companies should have rabbits. Banking companies shouldn’t select just one company or a group of similar-sized companies; they should create a composite of the best-performing companies as their rabbit. Give up the traditional comparison to similar-sized banks and set your target on a rabbit.