Seeing the bank through the customer’s eyes

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LESSONS FROM A CHIEF EXPERIENCE OFFICER: The BAI’s Terry Badgerinterviewed Citizens Bank Chief Experience Officer Beth Johnson late last month, and the two discussed how Citizens is adjusting the language it uses in its communications with customers. My two biggest takeaways: 

  • Bank employees develop “bank speak” with such terms as routing numbers, ACH payments, and HELOCs that are foreign to many customers. Johnson is trying to adjust the communication of the bank’s employees and its written correspondence to better match up with how bank customers talk and think.
  • It is not easy or natural for a bank to view its service through the client’s eyes. This has been the top focus of Charles Schwab CEO Walt Bettinger; he has shown such a shift in perspective can be achieved, but it takes a relentless focus to get there, and is both more difficult and expensive than measuring customer service relative to internal standards. Bettinger is the chief client experience executive at Schwab. CEOs often take that role at other high-performing financial institutions, such as Ally and ConnectOne Bank.   

In all, a very worthwhile listen.

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