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Thursday Headlines: Suspect in $55 million A.T.M. heist extradited

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    Nic3a1nn Emerson ChaseSeptember 17, 2012To Whom It May Concern: Ie28099m addressing Aaron Rutane28099s aneswr to Minister Ionia Redmane28099s post concerning Global Community Communications Alliance. This is not addressed personally to Aaron because it is obvious to me that his mind is made up, and he doesne28099t want to really consider any other perspective other than what he has concerning all of us fellow readers of The URANTIA Book in this intentional, spiritually-based community that he refers to as a e2809cculte2809d. I share Minister Ioniae28099s wishes for success for him and any other individual in their sincere desire to be in Gode28099s perfect will and in their work of spreading the wonderful teachings of The URANTIA Book. I would hope that is where Aaron would put his energy rather than trying to continue to try to discredit his brothers and sisters who share a love for God and are actively involved in living our spirituality. As with any individuale28099s faith walk with the Universal Father, I am sure that Aarone28099s ideas about many things will change as he continues to personally ascend into the morontia and spirit worlds.As co-founder of Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCA), former wife of Gabriel of Urantia (and mother of his first three children), pastor, and teacher of epochal revelation concepts, I would like to touch upon some of Aarone28099s comments to Ionia Redman concerning all of us in GCCA. You see, in indicating that Gabriel or Ionia or any other member of GCCA suffers from e2809cmental illnesse2809d or e2809cdelusionse2809d or lack of clear and deep thinking, Aaron personally judges 81 adults as being incompetent of thinking for ourselves and drawing from our own personal experiences. This kind of misjudgment also can cause much harm to 5 teen-agers and 14 other children who are part of this community, and who, by the way, have created beautiful poetry, art, and songs from their study of The URANTIA Book and their budding experiences with a dynamic, living spirituality. I done28099t think that Aaron or any other human is in a position to make the kinds of scathing judgments he has so avidly and publicly expressed and claim that they are truth. Those judgments are just other peoplee28099s opinions and e2809ctheir so-called truthe2809d that he has chosen to accept.All of our minds change as we continue to grow into a more spiritized understanding of truth. The word e2809ctruthe2809d is used pretty loosely today in the open market, or e2809copen societye2809d, to use Aarone28099s words. Aaron is correct in indicating that individuals have their own truth, their own understanding of what they perceive as truth. And we know that a collection of isolated facts does not necessarily indicate truth either. We mortals will be discovering truth long after we graduate from this world called Urantia, and so, much of our puny intellectual and emotional bickering among ourselves as to what is really true and what isne28099t will seem quite petty when we grow up into our morontia and spirit selves.In aneswr to a question by Aaron worthy of addressing, I would have to say, as someone who questions my own motives every day, as well as the intentions and actions of my close associates in GCCA, that no, there has been no profit e2809cfrom the oppression of any individual emotionally, physically or financiallye2809d . The use of the word e2809coppressione2809d is loaded, as I am sure Aaron knows. One of the common definitions of e2809coppresse2809d is e2809cunjust or cruel exercise of authority or power,e2809d and my aneswr of e2809cnoe2809d is in relation to the context of that particular definition. There is a difference between strong leadership and oppressive leadership within that context. Of course there are people who will interpret their experiences with all of us in this intentional community of GCCA (or with just certain individuals, including Gabriel of Urantia) in a negative light, but there are numerous others who have a different e2809ctruthe2809d about their encounters with us. Back to the word e2809coppressione2809de28094I often feel e2809coppressede2809d by the Threefold Spirit of God when I feel confronted by a message coming to me from those living spiritual forces. Another dictionary definition of e2809coppresse2809d is e2809cto burden spiritually or mentally; weigh heavily upon.e2809d I am sure that many did feel e2809coppressede2809d by Jesus when they felt in some manner confronted by his presence and his words, thus one of the reasons for enmity against him. Truth can feel quite oppressive if we are not receptive of it in the moment, thus the analogy of truth being a two-edged sword. So, in that context, I am sure that individuals have interpreted their experience with us as e2809coppressione2809d, just as some people have told me that The URANTIA Book is e2809coppressivee2809d to them because it is too big and complicated, and they done28099t agree with some of what is presented. Using words that are loaded with negative connotations to define a group of people who are peaceful, law-abiding citizens living out their religious convictions has always been the ploy of those who wish harm to come to those groups. Sadly, all too often it is faith-based individuals and groups who refer to other faith-based people as evil and heretical and cultish and so on. This kind of thinking and behavior has been the cause of numerous wars and crusade-type conflicts that continue today worldwide. I have often found myself defending the URANTIA Foundation and other readers of The URANTIA Book when I hear them accused of being a cult or delusional for believing in all of e2809cthat science fiction stuffe2809d or false religionists, and so on. The term e2809cculte2809d comes from the Latin word e2809ccultuse2809d, which means e2809cadoratione2809d and the French e2809ccoleree2809d, meaning e2809cto cultivatee2809d. e2809cCulte2809d hasne28099t always had the negative connotations as it does today, but for any of us to purposely use it to malign another group of brothers and sisters is mean-spirited and irresponsible. In regards to the more general definition of cult, almost every group of people who are devoted e2809cto a person, idea, object, movement, or worke2809d are in a cult, which would be any group committed to some type of cause, including those in the Urantia movement who are devoted to the truth of The URANTIA Book.Purposely choosing to use the word e2809ccompounde2809d to describe our homes, gardens, schools, library, and sanctuary is also untruthful and mean-spirited, for e2809ccompounde2809d also has negative connotations today. The dictionary definition of compound is e2809ca fenced or walled-in area containing a group of buildings and especially residences.e2809d I guess any gated high-end community could be referred to as a e2809ccompounde2809d if it is entirely enclosed, etc. to keep people out. Factually, the only walled-in area on our 165 acres is the pool, and the wall is decorative and about 6 feet high to adhere to the state laws about enclosing a pool. We do have fences with gates around our gardens and pastures, but otherwise compound is a misleading word, which of course its usage was meant to be in relation to our home here at Avalon Gardens. We too live in a very e2809copen societye2809d, with many community members, as professionals, traveling daily to Nogales, Rio Rico, Amado, Green Valley, and Tucson for their work in medical and other types of services. GCCA has formed several alliances with educational institutions as well as other groups of individuals who are contributing to the civilizing progress of society. Just yesterday a group of 48 agriculture-based and healthcare-based professionals from several states visited our EcoVillage and had lunch here. Two hours after that group left, many visitors attended the annual Celebration of Education Through the Arts that we hold here at Avalon Gardens, which gives our children an opportunity to show others their gifts and talents at their personal display tables and on stage. Weekly we have visitors come for collaborative work on sustainable projects as well as children coming to learn gardening and nutritional eating. By the way, we have an extensive library with books that cover almost all topics, including at least two copies of William Sadlere28099s Mind at Mischief, which several of us have read. We also have many of his other books as well as material published by other readers of The URANTIA Book. And we have guests who come to give talks to us as a community as well as to the public about many issues that impact the entire world. The majority of people who we have formed alliances with us do not read The URANTIA Book, and quite a few of them claim to be agnostics or atheists and have no interest whatsoever in our religious beliefs, but they sure like associating with us in other areas. And some are conservative Christians who know that we e2809clove the Lorde2809d and that is what they have in common religiously with us, and they have not gotten caught up with disagreements in dogma because they like our company. So I guess we live in a pretty e2809copen society too, regardless of what Aaron and others try to imply. I could go on, but hopefully I have defused the falsehood that we are a locked-in, closed-minded (or non-minded), controlled group of people who are totally out of touch with society and totally controlled by one maniac of a man. The bottom line in all of this is that we in GCCA, including Gabriel of Urantia (not of Salvington, thus the delineation) do not claim to be perfect or divine, though we all have within us a fragment of the divine as well as circuitry of divinity. We all have made mistakes and have learned from them and then moved on to doing what we truly believe is direction from the Universal Father. We most certainly are people of responsibility and of action and do indeed try to manifest our resolutions of commitment to continuously ascend within the perfect will of God and to serve humankind. None of us in GCCA have time to put much energy into continued discourse on dogma or trying to correct falsehoods that do indeed endanger the lives of all of us in this community. We need to move on with our lives and our work, as we have been doing for about 25 years, in spite of the spewing of fear and hatred that comes at us. To reiterate, I and others in GCCA appreciate all that Aaron and others are doing for the epochal revelation, but those who continue to condemn us in this community by spreading information that is incorrect factually as well as falsehoods created by distortion of partial truths is not the e2809cgood worke2809d or e2809cwork of the kingdom.e2809d May Gode28099s perfect will be outworked in all of your lives,Nic3a1nn Emerson Chase

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