Where did CEOs go to college? You might be surprised.

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HOW ABOUT THAT IVY LEAGUE EDUCATION? Back in 1999, David Kang, then a professor at Dartmouth’s Tuck School, was curious about where the CEOs at the Fortune 500 companies received their undergraduate degrees. What he found surprised him. Of the 500 CEOs, seven or eight had no undergraduate degree, which was more than the combined degrees from any other college. Kang was expecting an Ivy League school to be the most attended, but instead it was “none of the above.”  Kang has moved on to USC, but he has continued to do his annual analysis of CEO undergraduate degrees. Of the top 20 CEOs in the Fortune 500 survey this year, only one (Amazon’s Andy Jassy) attended an Ivy, while 14 graduated from public colleges and universities.