Workers still reluctant to return to the office

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RETURN TO WORK BATTLE CONTINUES: Here are some highlights from a survey on remote-work issues that Deloitte conducted of 700 mid- and executive-level financial services professionals:

  • Employees say the top three benefits of remote working are: saving time and money not commuting (69%), the convenience of remote working (49%), and the flexibility WFH affords to manage their daily lives (45%).
  • Twice as many people would like a completely flexible work routine than have one. Twice as many workers are in a partial return-to-work schedule than those who would prefer it.

  • Workers say they would like to maintain work flexibility, even at a personal cost.
  • 66% of workers who are currently working remotely some of the time say they would leave their current job if they were required to work in the office full time.
  • Those surveyed felt strongly that remote working has led to improved personal relationships, better health, and an improved work/life balance.
  • More than half of remote workers feel pressure to go into the office more.
  • Over half of remote workers feel they’re at a disadvantage for promotions and salary increases.
  • A majority of those surveyed say they would like more training and development.

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